Dr. Massey at a Glance

Every leader should understand their people, which includes their motivations, needs, and behaviors. Robin's no-nonsense coaching helped me better understand my hard-wired tendencies toward efficiency, and how to adjust in order to achieve outcomes through relationships. It was as if Robin opened a door so I could clearly see myself and my people. If you want to hit organizational milestones with ease, Robin is one of the few “mirrors” to trust.

Becky Jackson, President & CEO

Becky Jackson, LLC


Informed Leadership

It is important to know that many behaviors we are seeing in the workplace are not volitional – they are biologically correct given the current state of the body. Understanding this biological truth can lead people to greater engagement and performance.


Brain Biology

We humans are biologically wired to respond to our environment; however, the brain doesn’t know the difference between a real threat and a perceived threat. The key is learning how to help the body regulate when in that fear response state.


The Science Behind Leading Through the Change You Can’t Control

Dr. Robin Massey defines trauma as the loss of trust and predictability. Leveraging her expertise in understanding resilience, health, compassion and healing she explains the neuroscience of the stress that comes with the ambiguity of this crazy world in which we live. While our brains seek predictability – our lives are anything but – how can we calm ourselves down, remember to breathe and connect with our communities so that we ensure we are making the best decisions for ourselves and our organizations?