Healthier humans lead to thriving cultures.

We teach you how the state of the body influences behaviors, thinking, and emotions - to more effectively engage, retain and develop your people.

Culture is created by the behaviors leaders tolerate – good and bad.

Compassionate leaders build trust; trust leads to a culture of loyalty, engagement, and excellence. We provide a scientific “lens” that helps you "see" the story behind behavior, understand motivations, and ultimately – "get" your people.

It’s not about behavior, it’s about biology.

From relationship comes efficiency.

For too long organizations have placed a premium on efficiency. We flip the outdated “efficiency over relationship” model on its head. Understanding humans cellularly helps engage them relationally. Really! Considering what’s underneath a person’s behavior better equips leaders to connect and lead their people.

Our Approach

The Massey Method

Knowledge + Practice & Modeling + Guiding Others = Transformation

The “secret sauce” lies in understanding humans on a cellular level. We curate complex science to provide simple insights to the neurophysiological processes that govern emotional, cognitive, and physical responses to the world around you. 

By understanding yourself, you are better equipped to work with, instead of against, human biology. Walking the talk helps others see the importance of doing the same. What will you gain from your Informed Leadership? Improved relationships, transformed cultures, and thriving organizations.

The "Secret Sauce"


Biology of Behavior

Learn how the state of the body influences behavior, thinking, and emotions and what happens when the body becomes dysregulated.


Motivation of People

Apply human analytics to employee performance, motivation, and behavior. But then what? Mere knowledge isn’t action – we help you connect data to behavior so it’s “sticky.”


Tenets of Leadership

Lift your leadership skills and design thriving cultures using our proprietary blend of trauma informed principles and emotional intelligence practices. 

Meet the founder

Dr. Robin Massey is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with post-doctoral training in trauma sensitive practices. Her specialized training in trauma and change facilitation in the workplace helps leaders reduce toxic stress while increasing engagement, performance, and resilience of their people. Dr. Massey’s leadership & values-based approach guides people in understanding behaviors, drives, and motivations. She helps leaders live self-aware and self-regulated lifestyles to be more effective, impactful, and excellent.

Integrating neurophysiology and trauma-informed principles with talent optimization, Dr. Massey steers leaders and higher performing achievers and their teams to be exceptional. Her unique model addresses the ever-present reality of change, and the human biological and behavioral responses to adversity. As an educator, trusted advisor, and coach, Dr. Massey uses evidence-based tools and science-based knowledge to help leaders create healthy cultures where humans thrive through increased understanding, compassion, and resilience.


Informed Leadership

What we offer

How often have you attended a conference or training that lit you on fire – only to fizzle out in just a few days? Yupp, us too. Because of that reality, we do things differently. Rather than talking “at you” – we “pour into” you. We transfer knowledge and coach you into living the principles that create and sustain change.

One-to-One Mentoring

  • Customized coaching focused on maximizing human energy, optimizing performance, and increasing quality of life.
  • Serving as a trusted advisor – saying what needs to be said, not what wants to be heard.

Cohort Coaching

  • Knowledge and tactics for leaders to expand their thinking and sharpen their skills.
  • Serving as a “mirror” to assist in change behaviors and goals.

Large Group Training

  • Information on the biology of human behavior resulting from toxic stress/adversity, in times of uncertainty, and change.
  • Increase engagement and performance by understanding and responding to people’s need for belonging and relationship.

Book Dr. Massey for your next conference.

Change impacts us all –  and while there are change models galore, one size does NOT fit all when it comes to leadership. Dr. Massey’s presentations effect profound insight about change and toxic stress within organizations.

Through explanation, assimilation, and practice, Dr. Massey focuses on developing thoughtful leaders, building compassionate communities, and sustaining cultural changes. Her unique talent as a “connector” allows her to facilitate relationships and bring individuals together to form positive and productive environments where people can learn and thrive.

Dr. Massey provides customized information to target conference themes and organizers’ goals.

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Robin Massey over an 18-month period, as my employer pursued agency-wide Trauma Informed Care certification. Dr. Massey quickly built trusting relationships with employees throughout the agency forming a strong foundation from which to pursue our objective. Dr. Massey demonstrated how to blend insights from the Predictive Index® with the theory and practice of Trauma Informed Care principles. During this process, Dr. Massey’s coaching and training transformed individuals into leaders, who were soon driving the process from within the organization.

Partnering with Dr. Massey impacted the entire entity, from leadership to front-line employees, policies and procedures to the structure of the website. Everyone who worked with her learned valuable insights about themselves and transferable skills important in all aspects of life.

Chris Stage, PhD

Retired Educator & Non-Profit Professional